Lucie Wedgwood Surgery

Telephone Calls

To reduce the number of telephone calls received.


Since setting up the new telephone system, at the end of April, our reception staff have received over 4000 calls.

Many of these calls can be avoided, which will result in shorter waiting times for patients wanting to make an appointment to see a clinician.

We would like patients to be aware that telephone calls regarding the list below will no longer be dealt with by the reception team. Please be aware these are specific instructions given to the team by the G.Ps and Practice Manager.


1, Prescriptions – Please contact your nominated pharmacy, email in to or complete the form in reception – this is clearly sign posted, you will not need to wait in the queue at reception.

2, All acute prescriptions need to be requested in writing, either email at the above mentioned email address or complete the form in reception.

3, Hospital requested blood test/ecg/mri/xray will be reported by the person or clinic requesting them. The GP is unable to make a comment.

4, Blood results can take up to 7 days. If there are any actions needed the surgery will contact you to advise.

5, Swab results taken at the surgery can take 7+ days to be returned.

6, If dropping of a urine sample, please contact the surgery after 3pm for your results.

Thank you for your co-operation.