Lucie Wedgwood Surgery

Wellness Campaign Letter



Dear Sir/Madam


On behalf of Lucie Wedgwood Surgery we request support in our campaign to help disadvantaged young families in the Burslem area.


Lucie Wedgwood Surgery is an established practice in Burslem, Stoke on Trent, providing General Medical Services (GMS) to our patients. Our team would like to donate to parents of children in the 0-5 age category a “Wellness Pack”. This pack is to promote reading and self-care in young children and to aid and uplift underprivileged young families, families who have children with learning difficulties and young families who are new to the country – such as the young families from war stricken Ukraine.


Many young families are struggling financially in the current U.K climate. Financial worries can clip your wings and cause you to withdraw from friends, curtail your social life, and retreat into your shell—which will only worsen your health. The link between financial hardship, poor health and poor mental health has been demonstrated in many countries. Studies across European countries found that single parents (in comparison to cohabiting parents and married parents) had poorer health, with the U.K being noticeably worse in this respect. Not having enough financial resources to support their children and needing to rely on other people is stressful and worrying.


As a practice we would like to help our young parents to support their children. Hopefully in receiving this Wellness Pack it will encourage parents to attend routine appointments for their children and themselves as well as help them to be more aware of how they can influence their children’s physical and mental wellbeing.


We are looking to organise small group sessions, during childhood immunisation appointments, to help young parents develop awareness in encouraging their children to form good habits for their future wellbeing as well as encourage parents to bring their children for their regular childhood immunisations.


Within the Wellness Pack we would like to include books, activity packs, toothbrush & toothpaste, small packs of creams and self-care reliefs, literature on self-care, also possibly a small gift voucher – to be used in local stores.


We would be so very grateful if you could support our practice by contributing to our campaign. Your contribution will go towards purchasing items in our Wellness Pack. If you are unable to donate financially but would like to contribute something we can add to our Wellness Pack, this would also be very much appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your contribution and helping the young families of Burslem.


To contact the practice regarding our campaign, please call or email Sarah Barlow Practice Manager or myself – details below.


Thank you again! 🙂 On behalf of everyone at Lucie Wedgwood Surgery.


Kind regards,

Mrs Bindhu Babu.


Mrs Sarah Barlow (Practice Manager)

01782834488 / 01782 390794 (direct line)

Mrs Bindhu Babu (Finance Manager)

01782 834488 / 01782 390795 (direct line)