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Teaching Kids Privacy Online

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has launched a series of on line work plans and worksheets to help teach primary and secondary school students how to protect their privacy on line. And how they can control what online companies and platforms know about them.
The resources explain what counts as personal data, how to protect it and how to keep it private on social media. They cover the curriculum in all parts of the UK and can be downloaded for free (our favourite word) from the ICO website.

Emily Keaney, ICO’s Director of Regulatory
Strategy said:
“With children learning how to use an
iPad before they can ride a bike, it’s
crucial that they’re taught how to keep
their personal data safe. These plans
will ensure that the UK’s children are
learning about the value of their name,
where they live, what they like and
where they go from the very start of
their data journey.”

We have a clearly written and easily understood privacy notice available to children so they can understand what their rights are and what and how their personal information is being used.